Mobi Scales App

Date: 17/10/2014


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The best digital scales app for Android.  Provides a means to weigh small objects using just your phone.  See videos for demonstration

Click Friends Android App

Date: 18/07/2015


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Download this free real time location based friend and offer finder app available on Android and iPhone.

Kino Charger Free Android App

Date: 16/08/2014


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Use Kino Charger Android app to restore and free energy to give your battery extra power to your mobile phone.

Kino Charger Free Android App

Date: 19/09/2014


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Free android game to help pass your time.  Drive on different levels and avoid the other cars.  Quite fun and playable.

Now - Android Game

Date: 05/10/2014


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Improve your timing skils with this android game.  Multiple levels & three different themes.  Global highscores.

Super Punchapp Free/Paid

Date: 20/03/2015


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This fun app lets you measure the power of your punch by swinging your phone.  Challenge your friends.  Online Highscores.

Apps We Love...

Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Saga. It's a Papa Fiesta! Bounce your way through this unique puzzle game.Take aim and unleash Papa Pear to bounce and boing around a wacky world of fruity pegs, hazelnuts and crazy chillies. Exciting adventures await you.

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 continues that proud tradition as it inches toward the million download mark and rocks a 4.5 rating in the Play Store. The game has fresh game play elements along with the classic ones, new characters, and new levels.

DropBox App

DropBox is a very handy cloud storage solution that works across all devices to allow you to easily transfer files from one device to another aswell as share them with anyone.

BBC News App

Get the latest, breaking news from trusted global network of journalists.

See the top stories from the UK and around the world, and personalise your experience by choosing to see the latest news on topics such as technology, sport, entertainment, health and business.

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